With many custom blends available to suit your baseball field’s unique needs – more variety than any competitor – Mar-Co diamond clay conditioners give you the surface you’re looking for. Whether your field is too hard, too soft, too wet, or too dry – we have a conditioner that can give you better play.


Diamond CLAY conditioner

Get a soft texture, very high drainage, and good water retention for any size ballpark with Mar-Co diamond clay conditioner. Created from baked clay that’s been crushed and screened into a uniform size range (1/8” or less), this red-orange product is designed as a conditioner for heavy clays and is most suited to improving infields with drainage issues.

calcined CLAY

As a distributor of  Pro’s Choice products, Mar-Co offers calcined clay with the industry’s highest absorption rates and best durability. Pro’s Choice professional infield conditioners ensure minimal dust, maximum absorption, and excellent water retention. Their secret? Thermally optimized montmorillonite – a type of clay mineral – that drives out moisture and enhances porosity.